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With Market Your Genius, you’ll learn exactly how to create the perfect marketing plan for your business that generates leads and converts them into raving fans. This step-by-step guide will take you through the entire process of creating a rock solid strategy so that your business can thrive.

Market Your Genius Book - Nikki Nash

We recommend focusing on 3 key areas.

Our proprietary 3-staged process, developed by Nikki Nash, is designed to help you grow your online audience and platform, increase your profits, and build a personal brand as the go to industry expert.


This stage is about distilling your expertise and life experiences into a solution to a problem. The ultimate goal is to have a clear message describing the problem you are uniquely qualified to solve, a defined target market that will pay for your solution, and a business model that creates consistent profit.

This stage is about getting your products and services on your target audience’s radar, filling your pipeline with qualified leads, and generating a consistent flow of customers. The goal of this phase is to create and validate a plan to reach your target audience, help them identify if your offer is right for them, and invite them to buy.

This stage is about providing such an amazing experience that your customers become raving fans. The ultimate goal is for customers to leave raving reviews, recommend you to their network, and become life-long buyers. 

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